Early odds: Bills 30-1 shot to win Super Bowl 51

Early odds: Bills 30-1 shot to win Super Bowl 51
Posted at 8:28 AM, Feb 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-08 08:28:53-05

The Denver Broncos haven't even been World Champions for 24 hours, and the NFL cycle is already looking ahead to next season. And teams that weren't among the winners, like the Buffalo Bills for instance, are wondering how good of a shot they'll have to win the Super Bowl after the 2016 season.

For the Bills, the goal is to first make the playoffs -- something they haven't done over the last 16 seasons. However, if fans are thinking bigger than just the playoffs, Las Vegas already has the odds on the Bills winning the whole thing next season.

According to the Westgate SuperBook (via ESPN), the Bills carry 30-to-1 odds to win Super Bowl 51 -- tied for the 13th best odds in the NFL.

Unsurprisingly, leading the way at 8-to-1 odds are the Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, and Pittsburgh Steelers. The Super Bowl 50 runners up, the Carolina Panthers, have 10-to-1 odds, while the champion Broncos carry 14-1 odds.

As for the rest of the AFC East, the New York Jets -- like the Bills -- are 30-to-1, while the Miami Dolphins are 50-to-1.

The team facing the longest odds for 2016?

The long-suffering Cleveland Browns, who are 200-to-1 to win Super Bowl 51. The next closest team to them is San Francisco, who are 60-to-1.

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