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Buffalo Bills sign QB Matt Barkley to serve as potential backup Sunday

Posted at 12:42 PM, Oct 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-31 12:42:44-04

The Buffalo Bills are likely to have their third different starting quarterback in the last four weeks on Sunday when they take on the Chicago Bears. And because the Bills are down to their third-string quarterback Nathan Peterman, a move had to be made to bring in someone for game day just in case.

The Bills, shortly ahead of their practice on Wednesday, announced the signing of veteran quarterback Matt Barkley to a one-year deal. Barkley, who suffered an injury near the end of preseason and was released by the Cincinnati Bengals, now comes to the Bills after spending the first half of the season as a free agent.

Barkley, 28, will likely serve as the backup to Peterman on Sunday against the Chicago Bears. Peterman will likely replace Derek Anderson, who suffered a concussion against the New England Patriots and is still in concussion protocol as of Wednesday. The Bills also ruled out top quarterback Josh Allen earlier in the week for the third game in a row, because of the elbow sprain he suffered in Houston in Week Six.

The Bills have yet to rule out Anderson for the game, but without the quarterback even being on the practice field on Wednesday, it adds another layer of doubt that he'll be ready in time for Sunday.

Joe B's Take

- The Bills quarterback party added on more member who, ironically, was one of the quarterbacks the Bills were considering drafting all the way back in the 2013 NFL Draft -- when the team eventually selected EJ Manuel with their first-round pick. Barkley joins the team as the 'break-glass-in-case-of-emergency' quarterback that the Bills hope they won't have to utilize in any capacity on Sunday.

Barkley will have all of three practices under his belt before the Bills will take on the Bears on Sunday, and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll was seen on Wednesday constantly in the ear of both Barkley and Peterman to try and salvage something on the offensive side of the ball.

However, if Peterman's day goes as poorly as his two other appearances in 2018, the Bills may have no other choice but to put Barkley into an unenviable situation and to hope for the best. And if Barkley plays, he'll be going up against the only team that he's started a game for, when he was the Bears quarterback for six starts in 2016.

The Bills quarterback situation has been the worst in the NFL for about a month now, and the events of the past few days have only solidified that.

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