Bills' Washington humbled by prostitute incident

Bills' Washington humbled by prostitute incident
Posted at 12:07 AM, Apr 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-30 00:10:04-04

The Buffalo Bills, like most teams interested in Ohio State defensive lineman Adolphus Washington, wanted to know what exactly what happened in early-December 2015.

"Yeah, of course, everybody asked about that," Washington said.

That is an incident with in which Washington attempted to solicit a prostitute in a Columbus hotel room. What he didn't know, was that he was actually attempting to solicit an undercover police officer for oral sex.

According to ABC 6 in Columbus:

Once in the hotel room, Washington told the officer he wanted a “short stay” at the hotel, authorities say. He was told that a short stay would cost $60. The documents state Washington took cash out of his pocket and said he had $100. He reportedly asked the officer if she had change.

The officer said she did not have change; Washington responded: “Well, what will $100 get me?”

He was arrested, charged, plead guilty to the charges, and then they were later dropped after Washington's participation in a course in which prostitution offenders must "spend a day learning about how prostitutes are victimized by the trade and about the sexually transmitted diseases that can result from the activity," according to The Columbus Dispatch.

It was all just a little over five months ago, so clearly Washington had some explaining to do to teams, and certainly to Bills head coach Rex Ryan.

"You know I told him the God honest truth and he could tell I was telling the truth and he believes in me," Washington told local reporters. "I learned from it and that's what you do, you learn from your mistakes."

Whaley came away satisfied after hearing Washington's side of things, too.

"He admitted it, he owned up to it, he didn't make any excuses and he knew why it was wrong and why he shouldn't have done it. And he has a plan in place and has a support system that we were comfortable with," he said. "I saw a guy that was truly remorseful, truly embarrassed and truly hurt for not only him but for how it affected his teammates and the significant people in his life."

The Bills saw that Washington was, in fact, humbled by the event and elected to use the 80th overall selection on him.

"We did the research and figured that this guy's a guy with the support system we've had around in this building and the guys we brought in, to know that he'll be surrounded by some guys to lead him in the right way," the GM concluded.

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