Bills QB Taylor has surgery, team releases interesting statement

Posted at 11:47 AM, Jan 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-05 12:08:23-05

The Tyrod Taylor situation has taken a new turn.

The Buffalo Bills starting quarterback for 15 of the team's 16 games this season posted pictures on his Snapchat feed of him in a surgery gown, presumably getting a procedure done. That much was confirmed by the Bills on Thursday morning.

The team issued the following statement:

"Bills QB Tyrod Taylor had a consultation visit yesterday with Dr. William Meyers and elected to have surgery this morning. The Bills were informed late yesterday of this morning's procedure."

Taylor was benched following the firing of former head coach Rex Ryan, in a move that was termed a "business decision," and one to get a further look at backup quarterback EJ Manuel. Making the situation even more complex, if Taylor cannot pass a physical by March 11, the injury guarantee in his contract automatically kicks in and the Bills will have to pay him approximately $30 million in guaranteed money.



Ian Rapoport of reported that the procedure was to fix a "core muscle issue." The recovery time is expected to be six weeks, which puts him around mid-February, just a few weeks before the start of the new league year.

Joe B's Take

With the past week-and-a-half being as bizarre as it has been for the Buffalo Bills, this just adds right to it all. Taylor mentioned the idea that he might need surgery, but was going to seek a second opinion -- which today's news is likely the result of.

Adding to the intrigue of Taylor's surgery and the potential ramifications that they could have if he is unable to pass a physical by the March 11 date, is the wording the Bills chose to use in their team statement.

By using terms like Taylor "elected" to have the procedure, and the Bills "were informed" of the decision, it reads as though the quarterback acted on his own and the two parties -- team and player -- were not unified on the decision to have it done.

The relationship between the Bills and their quarterback already reached an awkward moment following them benching him after the best game of his career, but it was clear when Taylor opened up to the media on Monday saying the job "was taken" from him. As team statements go, that one is a bit abnormal.

If Taylor cannot pass the physical by March 11, the Bills will be on the hook on the salary cap even if they don't want to keep him on the roster with his current contract. The team, and GM Doug Whaley, has maintained that the new head coach would have a hand in the decision on whether or not Taylor's option is picked up, but this news and subsequent statement clearly shows there is something between the sides that the two will have to get over for the relationship to continue.

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