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Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll on coming back to Buffalo: It means everything

Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll on coming back to Buffalo: It means everything
Posted at 9:27 PM, Jan 23, 2018

A little over a week agom, the Buffalo Bills acted quickly to hire their next offensive coordinator -- and they brought in one with local ties. Brian Daboll, who had grown up in Buffalo and attended St. Francis High School, hasn't been back to work in the area at all since he entered the professional realm -- outside of being a member of a coaching staff for a visiting team.

That is, until the Bills came calling.

While still residing in the area during the offseasons, Daboll is beyond happy to be back. Speaking at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama this week, he couldn't contain himself from what the city means to him.

"Yeah, it means everything. You know, I’m a Buffalo guy," Daboll said. "The communities around the stadium, to the Rochester area, it’s a really special area. It’s where I grew up. The people, the community are second to none. They’re unbelievable. City of good neighbors for a reason. Great food… as you can tell. But I love the place. I love the community. I love the people. I love the fans. I love the team."

While it's likely always been an idea of Daboll's in the back of his head, it had to be the perfect mix of things to finally return to the city he spent his most formative years in -- and he found that with the Bills in 2018.

"Yeah… I mean, I love Buffalo. Grew up a huge Buffalo Bills fan," Daboll said. "It had to be the right situation, too. And I just think with Sean, and Brandon, and the Pegulas, I just had a really good feel about this place. It was a good opportunity and I made it in the best interest of our family."

So what about this situation with the Bills made it the right time for Daboll to make the move back to the team he grew up loving? It all has to do with the two guys running the show in Buffalo.

"In talking to Sean and Brandon, I think they’re vision, their principles and values that they believe in — the type of guys that they’re trying to bring in. I really have a high opinion of those guys. Being able to come here and bring to be be a part of something… their vision I think is awesome. I’m excited. I’m ready to go."

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