Bills' Dareus says he didn't go to rehab, instead treated for ADHD

Posted at 10:56 PM, Oct 04, 2016

Shortly before the start of the third preseason game for the Buffalo Bills, the team announced that star defensive lineman Marcell Dareus would be heading to rehab, following news that he had been suspended four games by the National Football League. The suspension, Dareus' second, was for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

Shortly after the suspension announcement, Dareus told reporters that it was stemming from a missed test.

With the four-game ban now over, and the defensive lineman set to return to the team this week,Dareus told USA Today that contrary to what the team initially announced, he never actually entered a rehab facility. Instead, after speaking with experts, they instead wanted to treat what the story calls the "root cause" of many of his problems -- that being his battle with attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

In response, Dareus told the report that he is working with an ADHD expert, a life coach, and even soliciting advice from former Bills great and Hall of Fame defensive end Bruce Smith.

The Bills said they expect Dareus to play this Sunday against Los Angeles, although they didn't know how much he could contribute after over a month away from on-field activities. The Bills take on the Rams in Los Angeles this weekend.

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