Beauts beat Pride 3-2 in NWHL semifinals, will take on Riveters for Isobel Cup

Posted at 9:17 PM, Mar 18, 2018

For the third straight year, the Buffalo Beauts will be playing for the Isobel Cup.

For the first year, it won't be a final between Buffalo and Boston.

The NWHL's 2nd seed Beauts beat 3rd seed Boston 3-2 in overtime on Saturday night in the first semifinal game of the playoffs. The game was played at the HarborCenter.

The Beauts scored first in the 1st period after Sarah Edney got the Beauts on the board thanks to assists from Hayley Scamurra and Kortney Kunichika. The Beauts maintained that lead until the second period where the Pride responded with two goals from Heather Scwartz and Mary Parker. The Beauts tied things up in the third after Corinne Buie got one past Pride goalie Brittany Ott with less than six minutes left in regulation.

In the overtime period, it was Sarah Caroso scoring on the power play less than two minutes into the extra period to give the Beauts their 11th straight win. 

The Beauts advance to the Isobel Cup Finals where they'll play at top seed Metropolitan. The Riveters beat 4th seed Connecticut 5-0 Sunday night in the other NWHL semifinal game.

The Beauts and Riveters have met six times this season with the Riveters winning the first three and the Beauts winning the last three.


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