Amherst Skating Club duo ice dancing their way to the U.S. National Figure Skating Championships

Lafornara & Halim will compete on Dec. 31 & Jan. 1
Posted at 5:37 PM, Dec 23, 2017

Noah Lafornara and his partner Macy Halim have formed an incredible bond and friendship.

"I think I'll always remember every moment," Halim said. "It's gonna mean a lot to me in the future."

They're a couple on the ice who've been gliding together for a year and a half.

Their days are spent practicing three different dances and with every turn and lift, these two are ice dancing their way to stardom.

It all began with the Eastern Sectionals last season where the Amherst Skating Club duo placed fifth out of twelve couples.

"We missed going to Nationals by the last spot but we made such a good showing in those few months that we knew we had something special," coach Jeannie Lafornara said.

So when this year's Eastern Sectionals rolled around, Noah and Macy aimed higher and wound up placing second.

That silver medal place earned them a spot at the highest competition for their age group.

"All of the best couples come and we have to compete against these great skaters," Halim said. "But knowing that we're among them is cool."

In just a little over a week, Noah and Macy will head to the United States National Figure Skating Championships in California.

They're going to be competing in the Juvenile Ice Dance event.

It's a competition that features the top 12 couples around the country. 

"It's a lot of nerves that build up because you have to do everything perfectly," Noah Lafornara said. "It's also really exciting because it's very hard to get to."

A top finish is always the goal but at the end of the day, this duo is already achieving things kids their age only dream of.

While their journey is just getting started, they're enjoying the ride and living in the moment.

"The outcomes can be impossible to imagine," Noah said. "You can go anywhere you want with it if you train very hard and it's really fun."

Coach Jeannie says the two will ice dance on December 31st and January 1st.

Noah is also competing in the Juvenile Pairs event with his other partner, Isabella Costa, from the Niagara University Skating Club. The two placed fourth in the Eastern Sectionals competition and will skate in the pairs event on December 29th.