A look inside Delaware North headquaters

Posted at 12:57 PM, Mar 03, 2016

Delaware North headquarter employees have been working in their new space in downtown Buffalo at the corner of Delaware and Chippewa since November. 

The behind-the-scenes hospitality giant occupies more than 100,000 square feet of the Uniland Developmentowned building.

There's around 350 employees spaced out among their 4-and-a-half floors, who get to enjoy mesmerizing views of downtown Buffalo and Lake Erie. 

"It's grand space and we love it. We love the neighborhood and glad we stayed right in downtown Buffalo," said Dan Zimmer the Vice President of Corporate Finance. 

Each floor features a coffee bar with fruits bagels and more. The service is complimentary to employees and guests. 

"We surveyed the employees in advance of the design of the building," said Zimmer. "They wanted things like more natural light, more mobility, more technology, more collaboration space so we tried to build that into the new space."

To get from floor-to-floor you'll take their uniquely designed smart elevators. There's no buttons inside so you'll have to select the floor you'd like before getting in and a woman's automated voice will let you know which elevator to wait for. 

Delaware North is also opening a restaurant and hotel on the Delaware side of the building's facade. The Buffalo Westin is a 116 room hotel and Patina will be a 150 seat restaurant. Both are expected to open sometime this summer. 

Uniland has also rented space in the glass walled building to KeyBank and other retailers which sit on the Chippewa side of the building. 

The overall project, a shared investment between Delaware North and Uniland, costs more than $100 million.