An avocado a day can help keep the doctor away

Posted at 12:23 PM, Apr 18, 2017

Move over, apples! According to a new study, an avocado a day also helps keep the doctor away.

Scientists say eating avocados is a good way to prevent what doctors call "the new silent killer:” metabolic syndrome, a dangerous combination of circumstances that puts you at risk for heart disease and diabetes.

The new guidance on eating avocados every day comes from a data review conducted by Iranian researchers and published in the journal Phytotherapy Research. It looked at 129 studies that had already been published about the effects of eating avocados on different parts of metabolic syndrome.

Specifically, researchers say avocados have a hugely beneficial effect on your cholesterol levels, which in turn has positive effects on a host of other things, including obesity levels, cardiovascular health and blood pressure.

Avocado has also been shown to help ward off belly fat, so one food expert is hoping the humble avocado can be elevated to official "superfood" status. In the meantime, go ahead, add avocado to that sandwich! Just don’t fool yourself into thinking an entire meal of tortilla chips and guac is healthy. Let’s be reasonable.

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