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This Boy’s ‘Rugrats’ Chuckie Finster Halloween Costume Is Going Viral

Posted at 10:02 AM, Nov 01, 2019

Halloween is for kids, yes, but that doesn’t mean we adults can’t get in on the fun too. And it’s even better when you can share in the magic of the holiday with your kids.

Lainey Paschal got the opportunity to relive her childhood when her son, Zacariah, dressed up as Chuckie Finster from the beloved 1990s cartoon “Rugrats.”

For those who need a refresher, the show ran on Nickelodeon from 1991 until 2004 and followed a group of toddlers. The stories were told from the perspective of Tommy Pickles and his playmates, which includes Chuckie Finster, as well as Phil and Lil DeVille and Tommy’s older cousin, Angelica Pickles.

Paschal told Romper she created the costume for her little one because of her nostalgia for the television show, which she loved as a kid. Zacariah, for his part, totally nailed the look, thanks in part to his naturally curly red hair, which eliminated the need for a wig.

His mom took to Facebook to share a side-by-side comparison photo of her son in costume and the cartoon character. The resemblance is uncanny:

People thought the spot-on costume was adorable and her post quickly went viral, racking up more than 31,000 reactions, more than 18,000 comments and more than 114,000 shares. Many people in the comments noted that the costume was giving them future Halloween ideas for their own kids. Hey, Halloween 2020 is only 364 days away!

“I say we nailed it!!!” Paschal wrote in the caption. “He’s so dang cute! #chuckiefinster #rugrats”

We have to agree. Not one detail was missed. In addition to his recognizable red hair, Zacariah has Chuckie’s signature purple glasses, space T-shirt, green shorts, yellow socks and red shoes. And who could resist that captivating smile?

We hope that, for his sake, he was able to score some Reptar Bars when he was out trick-or-treating.

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