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Moscow Mule Cocktail In A Can Contains Zero Sugar

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If you’re watching your sugar or following a ketogenic diet, you’ve likely had to cut cocktails from your diet. Many of them have a surprising amount of sugar, which makes them an obvious no-no.

If Moscow Mules are one of your top drinks, however, we have some good news! You can now buy a zero-sugar canned ready-to-drink Moscow Mule by Reed’s. The first-ever alcoholic beverage for the brand, Reed’s Zero Sugar Classic Mule is sugar-free and keto-friendly.


Reed’s, best known for its non-alcoholic ginger drinks with three levels of spice, teamed up with Full Sail Brewing Co. to create the new product. It is made with real, fresh ginger root and contains 7% alcohol by volume with no artificial colors, gluten, GMOs or caffeine. You can find it in stores nationwide (use the store locater at the website) in either 12-ounce or 16-ounce cans. A four-pack costs $10.99.


Along with the release of the lightly spiced new drink, Reed’s is holding an Adventure Sweepstakes through July 15. You can enter to win $300, 4 copper mugs, two custom Keto Bars Sampler Packs, and 24 bags of Quevos Keto Chips. To enter, go to the sweepstakes page and use it as a portal to visit the social media sites of the brands involved.

Reed’s appears to offer the only zero-sugar canned ready-to-drink Moscow Mule on the market. They also offer a Classic Mule that does have sugar. And if you aren’t on the Keto diet or don’t mind sugar, there are other brands to choose from as well.

One brand, The Copper Can, contains just three ingredients: organic lime juice, signature ginger beer made in house and 6x distilled gluten-free vodka. You can find this 10% ABV drink at liquor stores nationwide.

Or try Cutwater Spirits Fugu Vodka Mule, which you can find at stores like Target. Other brands include Punching Mule, Blue Marble and Mule 2.0, among many others. You can also now buy zero-calorie ginger beer and a zero-sugar Ginger Lime vodka from Svedka to make your own, if you’d rather go that route.


If you love Moscow Mules, you know they are traditionally served in a copper mug. The metal helps to keep the drink extra cold and the oxidation that occurs inside the copper mug is said to bring out the flavor of the vodka.

So, if you want to stick with what you know, simply pour the canned drink into a mug and reap the benefits. If you’re taking your Moscow Mule to go or simply like the convenience of it already being ready to drink, however, canned and pre-mixed may be the way to go.

Are you a fan of Moscow Mules?

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