Reopening with the supplies businesses need, local company providing equipment

Posted at 7:11 AM, May 19, 2020

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Flipping the sign on the front of a business from closed to open is a sight owners, and customers are excited to see.

New York state created this NY-Reopening Safety Plan template businesses need to follow. Three sections are advising businesses on:
-how to keep their employee physically distant from each other,
-which equipment they need to keep employees safe and equipment clean,
-and how companies will screen employees.

Shaun Chojnacki is the operations manager at Nations Best Masks and Nations Best Deals. The e-commerce company has a warehouse in Wilson full of PPE, different types of masks, and other sanitation tools businesses can use to be ready to reopen.

"Have at least 90 days of supplies, get your face masks, gloves, cleaning supplies in place," Chojnacki recommends. "Not to go crazy, but make sure you have a couple of months worth of stuff."

Chojnacki warns about scammers selling these needed materials, and he hopes local businesses do their research before buying. Chojnacki says they have a blog full of tips for companies to check out.

They also sell some other equipment to help keep your business sanitized. They have UV wands and UV phone sanitizers, portable air purifiers, and digital non-contact thermometers. Chojnacki says the UV light emitted doesn't kill bacteria but changes the DNA stopping the spread and portable air purifiers kills about 96-percent of bacteria in the air.

Having this equipment will add to your cleaning routine but they are not required by the state.