Putting your child back in child care? Expect these changes

Posted at 4:14 PM, May 13, 2020

If you haven’t been to your child’s daycare center during the pandemic, be prepared for some changes when you do return.

For example, the first change you’ll notice at any YMCA branch is you’re no longer allowed inside the building during pick-up and drop-off.

“We’re really monitoring access that people have to our kids and our facilities,” said YMCA President of Program Quality and Innovation Penny Snell.

Snell said parents are now only allowed into the entryway. If you do need to come further into the building for any reason, you will have your temperature checked and be required to wear a mask.

Children will also have their temperature taken daily, but they won’t be required to wear a face covering.

Once they’re in the Y’s care, social distancing is strongly encouraged. “Kids are sitting two to a table and in the gym, there’s a taped off box so that no one can be within six feet,” Snell explained.

Kaley Donaldson with the Childcare Resource Network said centers across the area are taking similar steps based on their own need and facility layout. All are also increasing cleaning procedures.

Erie County also received grant money through the federal CARES Act. it will pay for increased health and safety supplies to childcare centers countywide.
“In the next couple of weeks they’ll be getting packages of supplies that need to reopen. So, you know, gloves, soaps, bleach, things of that nature,” Donaldson said.

Currently, there are no new state restrictions for how many children are allowed at a child care center. Donaldson says some are choosing to reduce capacity out of an abundance of caution.