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Prosecco tangerines will be your new go-to brunch treat

Prosecco tangerines will be your new go-to brunch treat
Posted at 8:30 AM, Apr 19, 2023

Prepare to upgrade your brunch game.

Edible mimosas, or prosecco-filled tangerines as Better Homes & Gardens calls them, are so easy to make they call for just three ingredients: tangerines, prosecco and sugar.

Inspired by the previously viral prosecco grapes, prosecco tangerines use the same basic formula but turn a tangy tangerine — rather than a sweet, snackable grape — into a boozy brunchtime treat.

Don’t have tangerines? Worry not — this easy recipe works with the citrus fruit of your choice, including tangerines, mandarin oranges and clementines. In fact, TikTokker Nicole Modic, who posts under the handle @kalejunkie and helped originate the recipe, actually recommends using Cuties-brand seedless clementines:


Move over prosecco grapes, you need to try prosecco tangerines #tangerines #prosecco #easyrecipes #prorseccotangerines

♬ original sound – Nicole Modic, JD

Cover your citrus fruit of choice in three cups (or about one bottle) of prosecco or another sparkling wine. Wondering which sparkling wine to use — or just wondering what the differences are between them? Check out our handy primer on the differences between Champagne, prosecco and cava.

Cover your prosecco-drenched tangerines and refrigerate them for two to four hours, and then drain them. Be sure to reserve all that leftover citrus-infused bubbly! Either enjoy it as-is, or try out one of these myriad creative ideas from The Associated Press’ food writer Katie Workman.

Measure out a cup of sugar, liberally coat the drained fruit in the sugar and then freeze or refrigerate it until party time. These couldn’t be easier, and what a fun way to turn your favorite brunch beverage into a snack!

But if these are a little too labor intensive — or if you’re just short on time — you can snag something a little similar to get your mimosa fix: A mimosa cocktail bomb. These little orange spheres from may look like bath bombs, but they’re packed fruit powder, antioxidants and Vitamin C.

The company even claims one mimosa bomb is equal to three servings of oranges. Simply pour your favorite bubbly beverage — alcoholic or otherwise — over one of these orange orbs and enjoy an instant mimosa!

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