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Peeps jelly beans are back in time for Easter

Peeps Jelly Beans Are Back In Time For Easter
Posted at 1:25 PM, Feb 24, 2020

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Spring will be here before you know it, and all of our favorite Easter candies are already starting to appear on store shelves … including the iconic Peeps Jelly Beans!

Peeps Jelly Beans are coming for another season, and these fruity marshmallow-flavored candies are going to be a must for Easter baskets. You can find them everywhere from Target to Walgreens to Amazon. This spring flavor is only around for a limited time, so make sure you stock up while you can.

A 10-ounce package of the beans is $2.99 at Target. You can also find smaller 4-ounce bags at places like Big Lots and Five Below for $1-$1.25.


Hip2Save reports there is a difference in these jelly beans from last year: you previously had to purchase three bags of different flavors to get all four: Blueberry, lemon and strawberry were each packaged separately with the white-colored marshmallow flavor. This time around, though, you can get them all together in one package.

Are you a Peeps fan? Keep your eyes peeled for other Peeps Easter treats headed your way! Their new flavors of Marshmallow Peeps include Hot Tamales Peeps. These cinnamon-flavored Peeps pack a little heat and can be found exclusively at the Kroger family of stores.

Or try the newPeeps Root Beer Float flavor. You can find these online right now at Walmart, where they cost $9.69 for a package of 10 chicks. Chocolate Pudding Peeps bunnies are also new this year. Both of these flavors will be available at many retailers nationally.


In addition, Peeps is rolling out a new version of their dipped Peeps: Peeps Delights Raspberry Flavored Marshmallow Chicks Dipped in Creme Flavored Fudge. Raspberry-flavored Peeps marshmallows are coated in rich fudge for the perfect combo of chocolate and sweet marshmallow, all in an adorable chick shape. Find them exclusively at Targetfor $2.19 for a package of 4 chicks.


Also new for 2020, you can also find Peeps Froot Loops Flavored Pops exclusively at Target (for $2.19) and Walmart. Peeps Individually Wrapped Marshmallow Chicks for Egg Hunt, with 24 Peeps perfect as spring favors for school parties and more, is exclusively available at Walmart for $5.49.

If you want to add that Peeps flavor to your breakfast table, the International Delight Peeps-flavored coffee creamer is back in the dairy aisle of your favorite grocery stores. You can get it in a bottle at national retail locations or in single-serving sizes at convenience stores. The limited-edition Kellogg’s Peeps marshmallow-flavored cereal is also returning in 2020.

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“The Peeps Brand has become an icon in American pop culture, with its instantly recognizable colors, shapes and flavors holding a special place in the hearts of many for nearly seven decades. We take pride in seeing that parents who were given Peeps in their Easter baskets as kids are now passing those traditions on to their own family,” said Caitlin Servian, the brand manager for Peeps, in a recent press release. “We strive to meet the perfect balance of history and innovation by continuing to offer our classic Peeps Chicks and Bunnies, while also bringing new and exciting products to our fans.”

If you are a Peeps lover you’re going to want to stay tuned, too. The brand’s list of partnerships includes PEZ, FUNKO POP! and others. It says it’s going to announce a fashion collaboration with a clothing brand soon, too.

Do you love Peeps? Get ready for an exciting Easter, then!

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