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Shoppers split on first day of maskless shopping

Maskless shopping
Posted at 5:31 PM, May 19, 2021

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — It's something not seen in more than a year as maskless people take to shopping.

"I feel like I should have (a mask) on it feels weird not having it on," Victoria Slisz, a shopper, said.

As shoppers poured into the Tops on Maple Road in Amherst Wednesday, it felt like a 50/50 split between the masked and maskless. For some not wearing masks, the decision to remove it wasn't an easy one.

"I sat in the parking lot trying to see if people were coming in with or without masks on," shopper Gretchen Berger said, "I decided to not wear one because it didn't seem too crowded."

Tops isn't the only local supermarket chain in Western New York to allow unmasked customers. Both Wegmans and Dash's are operating the same way, based on the honor system. They are asking those who are unvaccinated to keep their masks on, while saying those who are fully vaccinated can ditch the face covering.

"We didn't make it a knee jerk reaction by any means,"Kathy Sautter with Tops said, "we wanted to put a lot of thought in what we decided to do."

Despite the mask mandate being lifted, many shoppers said they were surprised, even relieved at how many were wearing masks.

"So it just shows that some are exercising on the side of caution which i think is just smart," Rudy Warren from Amherst said.

It is important to remember that each business can decide if they will allow no masks for those who are vaccinated. It is important to check with the business before entering.