Zika Virus causes busy summer for WNY business

Posted at 6:31 PM, Jun 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 18:31:29-04

This year has already proven to be a busy one for Mosquito Joe.

"I think inpart it's do to the awareness that customers have been made aware of the Zika virus and just have mosquitos being in the news regularly," Mosquito Joe Owner, Scott Franasiak said.

Franasiak said Western New Yorkers shouldn't worry too much about Zika. The type of mosquito known for carrying the virus is not commonly found in Western New York. However, he said the insects that are here can be a bit of a pest. One North Tonawanda resident understands how  mosquitoes can be. He lives next to a wet land full of trees. After hearing about the Zika Virus, he had Mosquito Joe to spray down his back yard.

"Before you wouldn't be able to stand here like I am right now. You yourself would be killing mosquitos," the resident said.

"When we have nice weather like we've been having in the last week or so, people want to be outside. They don't want to be in their house because the mosquitos forced them inside," Franasiak said.

There is still not a vaccine or specific treatment for the Zika Virus. Franasiak said people shouldn't just worry too much about Zika. He said there are other viruses that are still out there like the West Nile Virus.