Your old iPod could be worth $400 or more

Posted at 11:21 AM, Dec 11, 2014

Do you have an old iPod sitting in your dresser drawer somewhere?

Don't get rid of it: it may soon be worth a lot of money!

Classic is now a Classic

The newspaperThe Guardian first reported that apple's iPod Classic is now selling for 4 times its original price in some eBay listings.

The classic -- which holds up to 40,000 songs -- was discontinued last year, because most people now put music on their phones.  

But the big iPod is now soaring in value as a result, leading some tech bloggers to wonder if Apple made a mistake by killing it off.

iPhones do not hold anywhere near the music library of the big iPod, and many people don't want all that music on their phone.

As Much as $1,000?

We checked and found that most generations of the 160 gigabyte iPod classic were selling used for around $400 on eBay as of December 10th, much more than its original $250 - $299 price tag.

Several in unopened boxes have sold for$500 to $800,and one person was asking a "buy it now price" of $1,000 for an unopened model.

May Want to Hold On
But don't get too excited about your old iPod Nano or Touch, or smaller Classic (the 30GB or 80GB versions).

Smaller iPods are not getting much money, especially if it is the iPod Touch that is still selling at retail.

But that could change in the future, so you may want to hold on to your old one, rather than discard or trade it.

Also gaining in price:10 year old flip cell phones, like the one you threw in the trash when you bought your first smartphone.

Some Hollywood celebs are now bringing old cell phones to red carpet events, as they have a new "cool" factor.

So you may want to hold onto some retro gadgets, just in case, so you don't waste your money.


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