You might see a lot of your favorite actors touch down in Buffalo soon

Posted at 6:00 AM, Sep 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-21 10:19:14-04

Buffalo-native Alan Pietruszewski  spent 2 decades as a navy aircraft pilot, and says his time there led to his current career. 

“On a ship, there’s not a whole lot of entertainment, so we started making our own,” said Pietruszewski.

So that’s when he discovered something: he was an actor, writer, producer, and director. 

He decided to take those skills to Hollywood. 

“Producer can mean a lot of things from writing to being the primary investor, the guy that finds the money.”

Pietruszewski wanted to be the man pulling the strings. 

His latest film “Another Time” was shot with Justin Hartley, and set in L.A.

But the Canisius grad has no plans to leave the Queen City behind.

“My great hope is that I could make a film, two films, three films here in Buffalo.”

He says that Buffalo is the next big movie hub - like Atlanta - because of the high incentives for filmmakers.

The New York film tax credit credits eligible production companies a 35-percent of post production costs for filming in the area. 

And the area is a wealth of opportunity for crews.

“Most films that are shot here aren’t set here, they’re set in New York, set in L.A., set in the midwest…Buffalo can cheat for all of those places.”

Filming in Buffalo creates hundreds of jobs, and producers say - there’s just something about the people here that make the film.

“From being an actor in films in Buffalo, I’ve seen how talented the crews are, I’ve seen some of the amazing locations.”

Another time is available on iTunes, and most on-demand platforms now, with limited theater release. 


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