Woodcock Brothers Brewing Company to open in North Tonawanda

Posted at 1:02 PM, Aug 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-24 13:02:31-04

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced North Tonawanda will receive a $516,000 New York State Community Development Block Grant that will allow Woodcock Brothers Brewing Company to expand operations and open a second location which will include a craft brewery and restaurant.

The second location will be located at the well-known Wurlitzer Building, a former organ factory at the gateway to Niagara Falls in North Tonawanda.

WBBC will create 35 full-time jobs over two years, 26 of those jobs will benefit low to moderate-income workers.

Empire State Development has offered up to $110,000 of additional support in Excelsior Tax Credits, which are directly related to job creation commitments.

"New York's booming craft brewery industry is an exciting part of our economy, and this investment will deliver stronger, more sustainable economic development for North Tonawanda," Governor Cuomo said. "With the opening of this new location, Woodcock Brothers Brewing Company will spur job growth in the city while also contributing to New York's thriving tourism sector." 

WBBC will lease and renovate 5,500 square feet of the Wurlitzer Building. There will be a restaurant with a kitchen, a bar, brew floor, outdoor patio, and seating for 120 patrons.

"All of us at WBBC are very excited about the new location at the Wurlitzer," Tim Woodcock, President of Woodcock Brothers Brewery said. "The new location will be very similar to the main facility in Wilson. Brewing operations will be fully visible to the public.

"Our families grew up in Niagara County and we have strong ties to the history of the Wurlitzer factory building! We couldn't be more excited about our role in the next evolution of the historic building and we are so grateful for the amazing local support we've experienced from the communities of the Niagara Region! Cheers!" 

Woodcock Brothers Brewing Company is currently located at 638 Lake Street in Wilson, NY.

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