Women business owners help shape South Buffalo

Posted at 6:36 PM, Mar 20, 2018

More than 25 women business owners were recognized Tuesday by the City of Buffalo as part of Women's History month. The two dozen shop owners all find themselves in South Buffalo, making a big impact on that part of the city.

"It's pretty astonishing," Jill McMahon, owner of Queen City Cycling on Abbott Road, said. "It's pretty awesome. I support each and every one of them. They're strong women."

"We grew up wanting to be successful women," Anna Hartog, owner of Park Edge Sweet Shoppe, explained. "That's what the community raised us to be. That's what our family raised us to be and that's what we've become."

Both women point to the strong community in South Buffalo for helping create a climate where business, in general, can thrive and where these women all work to support each other.

"There's been such a burst of business in the area," Hartog explained. She's owned Park Edge Sweet Shoppe for seven years. "Buildings that, when we bought this business, were once worn down are now brand new businesses."

"These women are kind of symbolic of the community as a whole in the way they aren't just worried about their bottom line, they have this holistic approach to the neighborhood," Council Member Chris Scanlon, (D) South District, said. Scanlon and his office helped organize the recognition at the start of Tuesday's Common Council meeting.

"Some remarkable women here in the city of Buffalo and in South Buffalo owning businesses," he said. "They serve as role models to girls and the young women in the city of Buffalo."

As someone who works full-time in addition to owning and operating a cycling gym, McMahon tries to set a good example for her family.

"I raise two kids and I think it's really empowering for them to see if you work hard, you can enjoy doing what you're doing and have some success," she said.

It's safe to say all of these women are setting an example the entire city of Buffalo can look up to.

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