WNYers want GOP to show unity at convention

Posted at 11:31 PM, Jul 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-17 23:31:18-04

The Republican National Convention begins Monday and the opening day's theme is "Make America Safe Again".  At least 50 people from Western New York traveled to Cleveland to represent the area's GOP voters.  And even some voters staying home say they'll be watching the convention closely.

Paul Deuschle is a Trump supporter and Republican voter from West Seneca.  He sees a divided political party and hopes this week's convention will help fix that.

"The Republican party has to come together because there are too many Clinton supporters that are blind to the fact that she can't be trusted," he said.  "Donald Trump has to win this election."

Deuschle likes Trump's approach to illegal immigration and jobs.

"He's more for the American people," he explained.  "He wants to close the borders, get rid of the immigrants and protect the American people as well as create American jobs."

Erie County Republican Committee Chairman Nick Langworthy believes Trump will use the convention to appeal to Republican voters and bring the party together.

"Donald Trump gets to showcase his campaign and his running mate Mike Pence," Langworthy explained.  He thinks Pence will attract voters who aren't sure about Trump.

"[Pence] has a track record of experience and I think that some are concerned that Trump is a business person that has not served in the government yet."

But Deuschle is worried the Indiana governor will only push more people away from supporting the Republican ticket in November.

"I like his beliefs," Deuschle said.  "But as far as him teaming up with Trump, [Pence] is anti-gay marriage and anti-abortion."

Deuschle says those values, paired with Trump's, will do little to help win support among undecided Republicans.