WNY schools planing ahead to help keep students safe

Posted at 5:55 PM, Nov 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-15 17:55:22-05

When it comes to protecting students, The Ken-Ton school district has been working with the Town of Tonawanda Police to help provide an extra level of protection.

Obviously we don't want ot see anyone get hurt."  Says Resource Officer Scott Zenosky.  "That's our number one mission here, to have everyone safe."

Kenmore East and Kenmore West both have an officer from the Town of Tonawanda Police Department stationed at their school.  Zenosky assists with security, as well as helping to educate students on everything from how to handle drugs and gangs, to what to do if there's an attack.

"Hope they never have to use it, but if they have to, we try to educate them as much as possible." 

Zenosky is just a part of the plan.  Doors are locked during school hours and to gain access guests need to go to one of two doors near the main office, where they'll be allowed into the school through a video security system that allows administrators to speak with guests before they enter.

A link to the Ken-Ton plan can be found here, and every school district is required by the state to have a similar plan available for parents to view on their district's website.