WNY reacts to Mother Teresa's canonization

Posted at 10:42 PM, Sep 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-04 22:42:58-04

As thousands gathered at St. Peter's Square to watch the canonization of Mother Teresa, several Western New Yorkers reflected on how they have been waiting for this day for years.

"Oh Mother Teresa! God help us... it's long overdue," said Timothy McAuliffe. "Can you imagine living your life and never asking more than just another breath to help somebody? It's an idol for people to look up to."

"She never asked for attention and that's what I think drew me to her as a young mother at home," said Doreen West. 

Mother Teresa dedicated her life to helping the poor. It's been 19 years since her death.

Cheryl Calire traveled to Italy from Buffalo for Mother Teresa's canonization to sainthood.

"Just being there with the experience from all over the world, people from all different faiths, and people of no faith," said Calire. "They all really like to model themselves after her work and her beliefs."

Calire was sitting just two rows away from the altar, and remembers being moved by what the Pope had to say.

"He had said that she would always be known as Mother Teresa even though her identity is now Saint Teresa of Calcutta. That raised a round of applause from everybody that was in attendance," said Calire. 

Accoridng to Calire, Mother Teresa's sainthood has an impact in Western New York all the way from Italy.

"In Western New York just like many parts of the country, we could use a little bit more love... more kindness to make the world and Western New York a better place," said Calire.

"It would be very difficult to emulate her, and be like her but at least you can have a few kind words for somebody during the day," said McAuliffe.