WNY reaction to pulling GOP healthcare plan

Posted at 5:49 PM, Mar 24, 2017

Congressman Chris Collins, the representative who played a pivotal role in crafting and promoting the GOP health care plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, says he is extremely disappointed that the bill was pulled from the House floor Friday.

“This bill, while not perfect, was a solution that would have ended the Obamacare nightmare that Western New Yorkers have had to endure for too long," Collins said.

"By increasing competition and giving people the power to make their own choices with their own health care, the American Health Care Act would have been a drastic improvement over the healthcare system Obamacare has left us with."

Meantime, Congressman Brian Higgins praised the day's developments.

"Today's defeat of this disastrous legislation, which would have cost both in-terms higher premiums and less coverage, is a victory for children, families, individuals with disabilities and older Americans, but the fight to protect and enhance affordable care continues," Higgins said.

New York State Senator Kirsten Gillibrand also praised the bill's dismantlement.
“The only way anything ever happens in Washington is when regular people stand up and speak out – and that’s exactly what happened with this awful bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act," Gillibrand said.