What's going on with Amherst development?

Posted at 6:02 PM, Sep 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-20 18:02:39-04

The Town of Amherst sees a lot of traffic. 

"It's a town of 127,000 people." AJ Baynes, President/CEO of the Amherst Chamber of Commerce said, "We have a daytime traffic of about 200,000 people."

With that much traffic, Amherst has seen how businesses are able to use that for profit.

"I think businesses see a lot of potential," Baynes said, "you're seeing it now with the investments that are being made."

Two big projects, The Northtown Plaza, and Westwood are showing that potential. One, the Northtown Plaza, is currently underway, and the other, Westwood, is still awaiting its fate. 


"You're going to start seeing some changes around here," Baynes said of the massive almost empty plaza, "Hopefully by the fall, early winter, moving into the spring of 2019."

Noticeable changes will start to show in the winter of 2019. 

Pottery Barn, William Sonoma, and L.L. Bean are on the horizon as they look towards an opening. 


The former Country Club has been closed since 2014, and the Town hopes it can be transformed into a Central Park like space. 

"You can't just have a property like that sit vacant."

For years it sat unused. But now, Mensch Capital, the company that owns it, and Amherst are finally talking. This looks to roll out a new plan in December. 

"The best part about it is we're finally at the table talking about it."

Some ideas for the space include a golf course, park, hotel space, and even senior living facilities that could all fit on the property. This could completely change Amherst. 

"When you look at the infrastructure being laid down here it's exciting."

Both of these projects are hoping to bring Amherst forward, as they see this as a jump for the future. 

"It's not about planning for what the next five years are going to look like, it's about planning for what the next 15, 20 years are going to look like."

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