Sewage construction losing customers for Tonawanda business

Posted at 10:48 PM, Sep 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-18 22:48:46-04

$400,000 has gone towards sewage construction on Young Street in the City of Tonawanda after 100 year-old sewage pipes risked failure. 

"The sewage water would have backed up into residents homes and businesses" City Mayor Rick Davis said. 

The construction, which is completely consuming the street, was anticipated to take three months. After sinkholes began to form, however, construction has lasted four. 

"Kind of our worst nightmare scenario happened there" the Mayor said. 

During those months, businesses like Gene's Junkyard Bar and Grill have seen a huge decrease in customers, as the closed street has made it difficult for patrons to know the bar is open. 

"It's pretty hard to get down here," Taylor Gregoric, daughter of the owner of Gene's Junkyard said, "and I'm sure people don't want to hurt their cars."

To help bring customers in, Gene's Junkyard had to get creative. 

"We have that there because we want people to know we're still open despite the construction" Gregoric said. 

Gene's Junkyard will not be needing this sign for much longer. According to Mayor Davis, there will only be three more weeks of construction before the project is completed. 

Gene's Junkyard can't wait much longer than three weeks. They need their customers back, now. 

"We're just looking to bring people back to us and have a party to show people what they have been missing out on" Gregoric said. 

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