November bringing five businesses to Elmwood

Posted at 11:07 PM, Oct 31, 2018

From "for rent" to open for business, in the month of November there will be five new businesses opening on Elmwood Avenue alone. 

"This shows that Elmwood is here to stay, and people love the uniqueness on Elmwood" Buffalo City Council Member Joel Feroleto said. 

The new businesses include Iron Tail Tavern, Spray Sole, Reform Fitness, Charlie the Butcher, and Revolver Records, which is opening its second location. 

"It's really where (the money) is at." Owner Phil Machemer said, "If you're going to do retail, if you're going to do a restaurant, I think it's the best spot in the city."

The opening of these five stores begins November 1st with Revolver Records

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