New Labatt House to open November 17th

Posted at 6:19 PM, Nov 15, 2018

After months of anticipation, Labatt beer is flowing freely at the Labatt House on Perry Street. 

"It's so exciting,"Brinn Johnson, Director of retail strategy and business development at Labatt USA said, "There's adrenaline, there's nerves."

Housed in the heart of the Cobblestone District, the building has both the Labatt Brew House, a tasting area, and the Draft Room, a full service restaurant run by Pegula Sports and Entertainment. 

The Draft Room will offer a menu filled with different foods that are paired with certain beers. 

The Brew House is a tasting bar that has 12 beers on tap, eight of which are poured right from the beer tanks, giving the most fresh taste possible. 

"We're brewers first and foremost, so that's what we want to do." Johnson said, "Have a great beer experience for our customers."

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