New Jamestown hotel meaning more than just a place to stay

Posted at 3:00 PM, Oct 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-18 15:00:24-04

A brand new, 150 room Double Tree hotel is getting ready to open in Jamestown. 

"It's a huge deal for us to be in this market" Double Tree GM Brandon Wade said.

The 100,000 square foot facility is hoping to bring more foot traffic into Jamestown.

"We're putting more rooms up, which allows for bigger games at the hockey rink and more events in town" Wade said. 

Wade understands that in order for the hotel to do well, the city itself needs to flourish. It's why the Doubletree has been using mostly Jamestown products in the construction of the hotel. 

"This hotel is being built 90% by local hands." Wade said, "So local companies, from electrical, plumbing, everything is being done locally."

That means every single piece of furniture in all of the rooms was built in Jamestown. Bringing an estimated $10 million into the local economy. 

"It kind of helps us stimulate the economy because, in return, it will help us gain business and gain trust within the community."

The hotel will have a pool, 4,100 square foot ballroom, and full service restaurant called Pearl City Hops, which means between 50 and 60 jobs will be created between the hotel and restaurant. 

As of now, the plan is to have the hotel opened by January of 2019. For more information, visit the website here

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