Cockaigne Resort rises from ashes to brand new facility

Posted at 11:07 PM, Sep 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-07 23:07:14-04

A 2011 fire left Cockaigne Resort's lodge burned to the ground, which was a tough thing for Cherry Creek, New York. 

"It was devastating for a lot of people" Cockaigne part-owner Isaac Gratto said, "A lot of people called this place home."

But now, Cherry Creek is getting excited, because an ownership group with Gratto and Rex Butcher has taken over, with a planned open of December of this year. 

"This is an iconic place for the area" CEO/Co-Founder Rex Butcher said. 

The 425 acre resort will open on December 1st, with 15 slopes and a terrain park. 

The new look will include a brand new lodge that is situated right at the foot of the bunny hill. 

"We wanted to position the lodge so its easier for skiers and snow boarders to get out of it." Gratto said, "You know most of the time beginner skiers don't really know how to hold their skis so they don't have to go real far to be on the snow."

The re-launch of Cockaigne also is an opportunity for the resort to expand its operation into all four season. 

"One way to do it is attracting them (customers) through festivals and music concerts" Butcher said.

It's why Cockaigne now has a massive concert stage next to the lodge. The stage can perform concerts that can fit up to 20,000 people. 

Making the resort available 365 days a year also helps bring more jobs, which Butcher sees as great for the area. 

"We figure about 50 full-time equivalent jobs (will be brought in)."

For more information on the new Cockaigne Resort, you can visit their website here

For pricing, that can be found here

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