Chandler Street: Thin Man Brewery expansion is adding outdoor element

Posted at 6:14 PM, Dec 06, 2018

If you're a fan of Thin Man Brewery on Elmwood Avenue chances are you're going to like the expansion Brewery on Chandler Street. Even more property was acquired adjacent to the expansion on Wednesday, with plans to add an outdoor element featuring volleyball courts and a soccer field in the Spring. 

”The amenities will be next door, so that you can go play volleyball, come back in here and have a nice cold one," says President of Signature Development, Rocco Termini. 

Termini is leading the revival of Chandler Street, a manufacturing fossil seeking a new identity. Termini is already renovating about a half dozen properties on the strip, including buildings home to new neighboring businesses like software developer, Utilant LLC.

“He’s got a real vision for this neighborhood’s and when he comes in he helps renovate the entire area, and so we have to believe in his vision most of the time to make this work," says Patrick Davis, CEO/Founder of Utilant LLC.

“I guess I would look out five years and see this street being completely different than it is today," says Robert Mikulec, COO of Utilant LLC. 

The brewery is set to open in February and will offer a tasting area with an opportunity to view the beer-making process. The new brewery has been in construction for the past six months to provide for an increase in demand. Termini says Thin Man will be finding its way into even more bars, restaurants and grocery stores throughout New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. 

“It’s gonna bring back this whole area, you’re going to have probably four or 500 people working on this street that was once abandoned," says Termini. 


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