WNY braces for possible outages (again)

Posted at 7:16 PM, Apr 13, 2018

Jenny Hunter lives in Orchard Park with her husband and son, and learned one day before an ice storm is supposed to hit the area that she may soon lose power.

That outage would be the second in as many weeks for her family.

Hunter has lost power "five or six times" since moving to WNY five years ago, but never for 30 hours - which happened during last week's windstorms.

"[My husband] started to try to find a generator because our house was really cold," Hunter said. "They were all sold out."

At Valu Home Centers, bags of rock salt have taken the places of fruit and vegetable seeds as the ice storm has taken precedence over spring gardening. While managers and customers want to get to spring, Mother Nature has other plans.