Without proper care your garden could wilt in the sun

Posted at 5:34 PM, Jul 05, 2018

Don't let the heat destroy your garden. As the high temperatures persist, the risk of your garden wilting increases. Of course, sunlight is good for a plant, but too much of it can be deadly. That's why it's important to take proper care of your plants.


The number one thing any gardener should do is water their plants. However, it's not as simple as putting a hose to a plant. Technique is important.

"People are taking the hose waving it all over browning the soil on top but only a little of the water is getting to the roots. much of the water is going into the air, especially in the heat of the day. And you need to put the water at the base of the the plant. Seriously at the base of the plant," Sally Cunningham, former garden master, said.

Just wetting the soil or plants isn't enough. The roots need to be saturated. 

"Tree, shrub, or perennial, and let it soak for a long time," Cunningham said.

As long as it stays hot, there's no such thing as too much water.

"But in this kind of heat, give your plants a break, water them any time you can," she said. 

That means twice a day or one thorough watering. Thorough means that water is dripping out of the bottom of its container.

She also said that wetting plant leaves can be dangerous.

"Actually in the very hottest of days you could sunburn some leaves by the water reflection just like we get a burn."


It's not just watering techniques that can preserve the longevity of your garden. It's important to have the proper kind of soil for your plants. It needs to be high in nutrients and preferably catered to your style of gardening. Make sure not to just pick up soil from the ground. Go to a store to buy quality soil.

The placement of your plants is important too. If the plant can't sustain direct and intense sunlight, it needs to be moved to the shade. Otherwise, the leaves could burn.