Williamsville opens up discussion on food trucks, considers safety factors of operating on Main

Posted at 11:55 PM, Jun 27, 2016

The Williamsville Village Board says it never has been against food trucks operating in the village. 

The board opened its second public comment session on food trucks Monday. The problem is, the Village says it doesn't have any laws or regulations when it comes to the trucks, and wants to make sure that pedestrians and food truck operators are safe when drafting the regulations.

One major concern for board members is the food trucks parking on Main Street. Village leaders say more than 40,000 vehicles travel the busy stretch of road each day, and having food trucks on the street and extra bodies could pose a major safety hazard.

"The concerns from my board are what if food trucks attract a lot of pedestrian activity, people crossing, doing stuff around and about the food truck that could create visibility problems," said Village of Williamsville Mayor Brian Kulpa. "We need to make sure where the operation occurs and how it occurs is well demarcated, and people aren't just going to do dashing across the street."

The village says its talked to other towns like West Seneca and East Aurora about how they integrate food trucks into their communities. 

The board plans on drafting a new law and regulations and sharing it with the public during a July session. The board is also considering inviting food trucks to participate in the Taste of Williamsville later in the summer.

At this point, the village has not determined pricing for food trucks. Board members say they're considering having an annual, one-time fee.