Will speed ever change on Rt. 198?

Posted at 11:36 PM, May 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-20 12:22:51-04

For the first time, the State Department of Transportation unveiled some of its conceptual designs of what Rt. 198 could look like turned into an urban boulevard.

The state hosted an open house in Buffalo, showing off various designs to the community, and encouraging feedback by residents and community members.

One person, posted a yellow post-it note on one of the designs reading, "This is a highway...encourages high speeds," indicating that the new design looked more like a highway than an urban parkway.

"There's no surprise that this community is passionate about this project. That's a great problem to have," said DOT Director of Communications Gary Holmes.

The state says the plans and designs are not set in stone, but what is-- the 30 mile per hour speed limit between Grant and Parkside, around Delaware Park.

"The goal is 30 within the park. Speed considerations on top of that are part of the process," said Holmes.

Some who live in the neighborhood say even a year later, drivers are using their streets as bypass routes to avoid the slowdown.

Many who saw the plans tonight say unless the overall look of Rt. 198 moves away from the expressway feel, speed will continue to be a problem.

The state says increasing the speed beyond Grant street and Parkside is not out of the question, and could be part of the long-term plan.