Wild, Wild Card Weekend for Bills Fans

Posted at 11:18 PM, Jan 08, 2018

It’s hard to measure the fandom LeShawn Jerman has for the Bills.

“This is just crazy, it’s been the best week of my life,” he said.

When Jerman found out the Bills were going to the playoffs, he knew he had to be there.

“If that game was on Mars I would have went to Mars.”

Even though he’s from Charlotte North Carolina, he’s a Buffalo Bills season ticket holder, and he either flies to the games in Orchard Park or drives. 

Jerman saw a tweet by Bills Owner Kim Pegula saying she had field passes to give away. After a few tweets back and forth, the Bills fan received a direct message.

“Five minutes later I received a DM saying she had two field passes for me,” he said.

That’s not where the story ends. Jerman went out the night before the game and ended up meeting the father of Bills Safety Jordan Poyer. The pair started chatting.

“He was very approachable and I told him Mrs. Pegula gave me field passes to the game. He said ‘wow my son plays for the team and I don’t even have field passes!’”

Jerman hopped on Twitter and ended up getting a Direct Message from Jordan Poyer, with his dad’s number.  Mr. Poywe and Jerman shared the afternoon of a lifetime.

“Meeting all the fans and being so close to the field I felt like I was on the team,” he said. 

It was one wild, wild card weekend.