Wild weather in Western New York

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Monday was a wild weather day for parts of Western New York, but the conditions didn't stop some people from getting out.

The rain, wind, cold and a bit of lightning couldn't stop the Slow Roll. The weekly Buffalo cycling event pedaled through the raindrops for their final ride of the year. The few dozen riders made a shorter trip than normal, but most were in good spirits.

“Even if it's raining. Even if it's snowing. It's Buffalo. You get a little bit of everything,” said a Slow Roll participant.

The wind swept over Lake Erie as waves crashed down on the break wall near the Outer Harbor. But waves were of no concern for families in Kaisertown.

October 30th is ‘Beggar's Night.’ It's an opportunity for an extra night of trick-or-treating for the kids and the weather made for a very wet extra night of trick-or-treating.

The weather almost stopped one family.

“I thought about going to the store and buying the candy,” said one resident.