Why is gas so expensive around Buffalo?

Posted at 10:40 PM, Dec 04, 2018

Across Western New York gas prices are down almost 25 cents per gallon since this summer.

Cheektowaga resident, Jeff Mueller, knows the average across Western New York of $2.77 is high compared to other areas. He says he paid $2.19 the other day in New Jersey.

Besides gas being sold on reservations, you need to only drive to Ohio to find gas under $2.00.

So why is gas so expensive around Buffalo?  

It all comes down to taxes. First there's state taxes. New York takes eight cents per gallon and then another eight cents for sales tax. 

Erie County takes three quarters of a percent more than most other New York counties. That plus federal taxes and the price at the pump goes up.

In Erie County, if you're buying gas for $2.73, 64 cents per gallon goes to taxes. So, every time you fill up a ten gallon tank that's $6.40 going to the government.

Curious about how much of your money is going to taxes? The Erie County Comptroller’s Office provides a calculator that will show exactly where each penny you spend goes.

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