Who should the Bills start at QB this Sunday?

Posted at 11:27 PM, Sep 11, 2018

The Bills, are playing the Bolts this Sunday. The Bills' week one starting quarterback, Nathan Peterman, is not a lock to start the game. Especially, when you consider his las* start against the Chargers.

But then again, last week's game at the ravens, isn't exactly screaming for repeat viewings. Peterman threw another two picks in that game and failed move the chains at all in the first half. Setting up the Bills, for what would be their worst game one loss in team history.

Rookie quarterback Josh Allen, the Bills top pick in the draft, got his first NFL game action. And despite taking some licks, he helped lead the offense to its only points all day.

So who should the team start, in its home opener Sunday?

That’s a question we took to the streets of Buffalo. Everyone we asked, said Josh Allen. 

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