When's the best time to get a flu shot?

Posted at 5:48 PM, Sep 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-05 17:48:54-04

Experts say, now is a great time to start receiving your flu shot. According to Lauren Kuwik, an Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Physician, it takes seven to ten days to develop immunity after receiving the shot.

“It seems like an easy answer to me. We have something that will protect your child form death if they get the flu… enough said," Kuwik said. 

This year, primary care takers and local pharmacies are rolling out both the flu shot itself, as well as the nasal spray. Still, Kuwik swears by the shot, especially after seeing the absence of the nasal spray during flu season last year. 

Kuwik says it's crucial that children over six months receive their vaccination.

“Children can die of the flu, anyone can, but typical it’s people with chronic lung disease, asthma, smokers. Kids under 18 have a risk of death from the flu, children under two have the highest mortality rates," Kuwik said. “So we know that 80 percent of the children that have died from the flu did not get their flu shot.”

In past years, flu vaccinations have seen a range of 19 to 40 percent effectiveness. Kuwik says the vaccination itself play a much more important role in young children. 

"The thing that we do know, especially for kids, is even if you get the flu and you've had the flu shot, you have high protection against actually dying," Kuwik said. 

Symptoms include fever, sore throat, headache, shakes and chills as well as diarrhea for young children. The virus's recovery period lasts roughly five days and it's advised to not return to school or work until it's been 24 hours after the last sign of a fever. 

Kuwik said that if you contract the virus, to remain isolated and don't stay in the same rooms as family members. Germs can be spread up to six feet after a cough/sneeze before a person has been diagnosed as clinically ill. 

Flu vaccination shots are usually free with proof of health insurance, they're available at most local pharmacies and at your doctor's office. 

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