What's next for the refugees who worked at BAK USA?

Posted at 5:32 PM, Nov 02, 2018

BAK USA closing led to 77 lost jobs, many of them were refugees. 

"To have to turn around and find a new culture and a new employment opportunity might be a little bit difficult" Jewish Family Service of Buffalo and Erie County New American Director Apple Domingo said. 

Jewish Family Service of Buffalo and Erie County placed a few of the refugees at BAK. 

"(BAK) was very good all around." Domingo said, "Everybody was excited for BAK and they did seek out some refugees and hired some refugees to work for them."

Yesterday's closure is going to make it tough for the refugees to find other jobs in a very complicated job market. 

"The competition for a refugee who has a language barrier vs. someone who doesn't have a language barrier is high." Domingo said. 

For any refugee that was displaced, Domingo and Jewish Family Service are ready to help with placement. They have 53 different employers that they work with. 

"We know how to find the jobs, we have been doing this for a while," Domingo said, "They just have to come through the doors."

For any refugee hoping for employment, they can contact Jewish Family Service at (716) 883-1914, or if you are a business hoping to hire refugees, you can be contacted at that number as well. 

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