What would you tell someone to do if they had 36 hours in Buffalo?

Posted at 9:15 AM, Jun 28, 2018

Exploring the City of Buffalo's architecture, food and culture can take a lifetime - but what if you only had 36 hours? 

Amy Thomas, a writer for The New York Times, spent a day an a half in the Queen City, and gives her suggestions in an article published June 28th.  Thomas writes in the article, "Buffalo, which had early booms from various industries, including railways, shipyards and steel manufacturing, is shedding its rusty roots and experiencing a bona fide renaissance."  She went on to call Buffalo a "multifaceted city," and listed some of the places she would make a point to visit.

First, Thomas sends visitors to Buffalo's City Hall, and comments on its Art Deco design.  She goes on to suggest a visit to RiverWorks, The Anchor Bar and Canalside, where she tells visitors to make sure they stop by Sharkgirl.

Thomas also comments on Buffalo's unique international flavor, suggesting a visit to the West Side Bazaar before shopping in the Elmwood Village.

To read her entire article and see all the places she recommends visiting, click here.

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