Western New York volunteers taking trailers of hope to North Carolina

Posted at 5:58 PM, Sep 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-11 17:58:53-04

Western New York volunteers with 8 Days of Hope are prepping to head south. 

The group will head to North Carolina this weekend to help with recovery efforts after Hurricane Florence makes landfall. 

8 Days of Hope is a Christian non-profit organization based in Mississippi, with several branches located across the country and on Buffalo’s Eastside. 

The group goes to areas impacted by natural disasters to help people rebuild. Buffalo native Steve Tybor created the organization following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. 

Bruce McQueen is a volunteer from Cheektowaga. The 69-year old is a retired trucker and cancer survivor. He’s loading trailers with tool crews will need in North Carolina. 

“God place me in a situation where I can be a blessing like this and I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” McQueen said. 

He started assisting the organization during Hurricane Harvey in Houston last year. He’s expected to be in North Carolina for 3 weeks. 

Tybor said he’s expecting hundreds of volunteers from all across the country. They will travel to the impacted areas after the storm hits. Crews are expected to be on the group cleaning, gutting, and rebuilding homes for 6 to 8 weeks. 

8 Days of Hope will start accepting Hurricane Florence relief donations on Saturday, September 15th from 9am to 1pm at 852 Kensington Avenue. For more information go to www.eightdaysofhope.com

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