West Seneca teen allegedly harassed by Buffalo police officer

Posted at 5:47 PM, Oct 19, 2016

A Buffalo Police Officer who made headlines in February for violating the department's social media policy is back in the spotlight again.

Officer Richard Hy is facing charges of harassment and obstruction of breath. Police said Hy and a West Seneca police officer were off-duty when they got into an altercation with several teens last month. “I think it was just a horrifying sight to see,” said Adario Morison.

Morison said he's still traumatized from the events of September 13th. The 18 year old is referring to what he said unfolded around 1:00 A.M. outside of his home on Collins Avenue in West Seneca. He had been making a music video with a friend. “We noticed these two dudes just pull up. They just stayed in the car for a couple of minutes, they kept their high beams on us and just kept flashing their lights at us.”

Morison said one was Hy. The other was an off-duty West Seneca police officer who lives nearby. Morison said Hy asked for his friend's cell phone but his friend wouldn't hand it over. “Next thing you know, he tries to run, he gets head-butted and he runs to right over there. Then the next thing you know, he gets choked. If I didn't pull him off, he probably would have died,” he said.

The 17 year old victim said the entire ordeal was terrifying.

This marks the second time Hy has been investigated this year. Back in February, he uploaded videos to social media that violated department policy. He was suspended for up to 30 days without pay for that incident.

Hy was initially suspended without pay for 30 days for this incident, too. Now, he is suspended with pay pending the outcome of this investigation. He's due in court in November.