McKinley Wegmans closed until Saturday morning; Other area Wegmans remain open

Posted at 10:23 AM, Nov 21, 2014

Wegmans West Seneca store reopened Friday morning. The store received deliveries overnight and throughout the morning.

“Thanks to our incredible employees, the shelves are stocked with grocery items, including staples such as milk, bread, water and eggs,” says Michele Mehaffy, consumer affairs manager.

Wegmans is operating business as usual at almost all other stores in Buffalo, though there was some concern Friday morning at the Losson Road location in Depew. An area of the store was roped off until a structural engineer could come in and verify that the roof supports were intact. The section was then reopened.

All of the stores have been receiving scheduled food deliveries. “Employees have done a great job replenishing our shelves with food,” added Mehaffy.

The Wegmans on McKinley Parkway remains closed.

Wegmans announced that they will delay reopening the McKinley store until tomorrow (Saturday) to give maintenance crews enough time to clear snow from the roof and to allow adequate time for on-site engineers to confirm structural integrity.  The goal is to reopen the McKinley store on Saturday morning at 8 a.m.

“Structural engineers have closely examined our facilities that were impacted by the storm to ensure safety for our customers and our employees,” says Michele Mehaffy, Wegmans consumer affairs manager.  “If it means reopening is delayed by a few hours or a day, we think it is well worth the extra reassurance.”