West Seneca bringing in PR firm to help reach community

Posted at 6:01 PM, Mar 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-14 18:01:36-04

The Town of West Seneca is bringing in PR firm E3 Communications to help with a lack of communication with the public. The town will pay E3 $3,000 a month in the contract that lasts until December 31st.  

The idea came in November of 2017 after a few Town of West Seneca board meetings had heated exchanges. 

"15 minutes into the budget hearing and they were screaming and yelling," Town Supervisor Sheila Meegan said, "They didn't want to hear about it." 

The lack of availability to share information due to the yelling led to an idea from the Board. That idea, bringing in E3. 

"(It is) to better service our tax payers and residents to get our message out about the way things are happening in our town" Meegan said. 

Bringing in the firm hopes to show the community more of what the board is doing. Some neighbors are not happy, particularly that public funds are going towards communication.

"The primary function of an elected officers job is communicating with the public what is going on" Dan Warren, a West Seneca resident since 1993 said. 

Warren believes that any communication issue could be solved easily. 

"We can get rid of the PR firm as soon as our officials learn how to communicate with us" Warren said. 

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