West Falls teen lands his dream patriotic duet with his favorite band

Posted at 12:19 AM, Jul 04, 2018

Every person has a favorite band and a go-to song perfect to sing.  For 15-year-old Kevin McGee, he loves the East Aurora band, Krossfire and absolutely loves to sing the national anthem.

It was a fateful meeting over 10 years ago with now retired East Aurora Police Detective Rick Daminski.
"Mom came up, we met, shook hands, took pictures," Daminski said.
It was this interaction that led Kevin--who has down syndrome-- to form a unique bond not only with Daminski, but his also with his band, Krossfire.  


"He met these guys and these guys and Kevin, everyone got along great and next thing ya know, Kevin is coming to every one of our shows."

But Tuesday night's show in East Aurora may take the cake, for the most memorable gig yet.
Krossfire invited Kevin to honor America alongside them.
"I posted one time how he loves the national anthem and the drummer came back and shared a video from years past and asked if Kevin would like to join them," Dawn McGee, Kevin's mother, recalled.
Although Kevin said that he has been practicing-- "For 12 days," Kevin said.
But mom said it's more like-- "He's been singing it for a good year." 
And how about in a day?  His sister adds, "I'd say average 30."  So all of that practice paid off for Kevin on the eve of the Fourth.

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