Wegmans slashing prices on popular family items

Posted at 10:54 AM, Mar 21, 2018

The popular grocery items families buy each week at Wegmans are getting cheaper.

Prices are being lowered for about130 items across produce, grocery, dairy and frozen foods.

“It’s simple.  A customer should not have to run around town to find the best prices on the products they buy every week for their family. That’s our job,” said President & CEO Colleen Wegman. “We check prices at other retailers every week so that customers can be confident they are getting the best value at Wegmans.” 

Nearly all items on the list are Wegmans brand. The company says it can be more aggressive with pricing for its own brand.

Some of the cheaper items include: 

Wegmans Cereal, 11 – 18 oz. (22 varieties)                                 2 for $3.00 *               
Wegmans Salad Dressing, 16 fl. oz. (24 varieties)                      $1.29 *                       
Wegmans Ketchup, 32 oz.                                                              $1.49 *                       
Wegmans Whole Strawberries (frozen), 16 oz.                          $1.99 *                       
Wegmans Frozen Pizza, 18 – 32 oz. (12 varieties)                      $2.99 *                       
Russet Potatoes, 5 lb.                                                                      $2.99                          
Wegmans Romaine Hearts, 22 oz.                                                $2.49                          
Tomatoes on the Vine                                                                     $1.99/lb.      

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